I was wondering what would be the estimate time to wait to do a non surgical nose job after a surgical one? (photos)

I recently had a nose job, 1 month and 1 week ago. I like the job my surgeon did. However I still havr slight asymmetry. I know it's too soon to do anything! I was wondering what would be the estimate time to wait to do a non surgical nose job. 6-12 months I'm guessing?

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You need to be patient with the healing process and at this time, you still have swelling on the nose that will go away slowly, in about 6 months from the surgery, maybe 80 to 90% of the swelling will be gone and the scar tissue will be softer. At that time, you may consider a filler to correct any small asymmetry on your nasal dorsum, but not in the nasal tip. For the nasal tip, wait at least 1 year from the surgery, so the scar tissue is soft enough. In a patient with a previous nasal surgery, a filler in the nasal tip has a high risk for complications, mostly skin necrosis, it is important to go with a surgeon who has a wide experience doing this.

Nonsurgical nose job after rhinoplasty

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HiĀ Kelinvic,I would ask your particular surgeon how he or she feels about this, but I would think that using an HA filler in the nose even at this point would be fine. The impermanent nature of the material and the ability for it to be reversed is an advantage of products like Restylane. Discuss this with your surgeon.Good luck!Michael M. Kim, MD

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