What happened to my breast implant?

After a forceful back massage while on my stomach, my right breast is suddenly much harder. From just below clavicle to underneath. no pain. Not much visual change beyond slightly more protruding high up. Any chance this is minor and will resolve on its own? 26 year old implants that should have been saline but after MRI last year found to be silicone.

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Sudden change in breast implants

Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. It could be possible you may have capsular contracture based on the information you provided. However, you must consult with a board-certified surgeon who can evaluate you in person. I wish you the best of luck!

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Change in implant

Thank you for reaching out with your question. I agree with the suggestion of the other surgeons, an in person consultation with a board certified surgeon would be best. The issue can be determined and you will be will informed on all of your options and be able to ask questions. Best of luck! Dr. K

Robert M. Kachenmeister, MD
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Breast implant rupture?

Thank you for your questions.  I'm sorry that this is happening to you!  As your implants were placed quite some time ago, and the risk for rupture increases with time, I would suspect that you most likely  have a ruptured implant.  Without an exam it would be impossible to accurately give you advice as to whether this will resolve on it's own or not.

My best advice would be to visit a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who has experience with breast augmentation and revision surgery.  

Best wishes!

Dr. Brown

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Hard Implant


You would need to be examined to determine what is going on. It sounds like you may have capsular contracture. Implant type is irrelevant, and getting an MRI if you need a surgery is unnecessary. If your doctor isn't an ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon who specializes in revision breast surgery, you should go visit a few.

Best of luck!

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Sudden Change in Breast Implants

Hello and thank-you for your question.

I would recommend consulting with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  In all likelihood he/she will request and MRI or ultrasound to evaluate the implant.  I would suspect rupture of the implant or surrounding capsule.

I hope this helps,

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What happened to my breast implant?

I suggest that you be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon and have at least an ultrasound and possibly an MRI.  My concern with 26-year-old implants is of course wall failure and rupture.  Other possibilities include displacement of the implant from a submuscular to a subglandular position.  He needs to be examined.

Change in the feel of implant

Thank you for your question.  You could certainly wait 7-10 days to see if the difference resolves on its own. If it remains the same or gets worse, you should see a board certified plastic surgeon on your area for an exam. You do have an older generation of implants with a thinner shell and less cohesive gel then is made now. You should consider changing out both of your implants for a newer generation f you continue to have a problem.  Good luck to you.

Old implants

Thank you for the question and I would be evaluated by experts in the area.  Those are old implants and may need to be replaced particularly given a change in their feel and appearance

Dr Corbin

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