For more procedures than a facelift, could I use a Facial plastic surgeon or is a general plastic surgeon better? (photos)

I want to get a facelift along with thigh liposuction and lift, muscle repair of left quadricep from a crush injury, and possible butt lift. My priority is the facelift, but I have had several procedures bundled together in a single Plastic surgery 7 Yrs ago. A breast enlargement with a lift and a thigh liposuction and did fine. I'm 56 now.My past surgeon had his own operating facility which had no overnight services and I don't want to travel right after a procedure. Looking for a ps in Atlanta.

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The Right Surgeon For You

You can feel free to combine all of the procedures, but I will warn you that it is a lot of surgery for one sitting.  Very long surgical times can increase your morbidity and healing time, so weigh out the consequences of doing everything at once. Every patient has different motivations and you have to decide what is most important to you.  Either a Board Certified, fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon will be appropriate for your facelift, and a General Plastic Surgeon would do best for your body procedures.  Good luck!

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Finding a facelift surgeon

Hello! A surgeon certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be appropriate. Experience is the key to excellent results in the face. Ask your surgeon how many facelifts he/she performs- you should expect a surgeon to have a volume of at least 2 facelifts a week to maintain skills. Ask to see before/after photos, and ask to talk to patients who have had the procedures you are requesting. It is not uncommon to seek expertise for body areas and have two separate surgeons- and in many areas, facial plastic surgeons have more experience with facelifts, simply because it is their area of expertise.

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Face and body procedures

Good question.  I would look for an expert in each of the areas.   It seems like a decent amount of surgery and recovery so you may want to split up the face and body with the best surgeon for  each area.     If it happens to be one general plastic surgeon than that is great but again a lot of surgery for a surgeon to perform.  Speak with several plastic / facial plastic surgeons to see you best options.

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Face lift and body plastic surgery procedures

 Performing a very lengthy procedure under general anesthesia can have  added complications, so it may be best to separate out the facial work from the body work  into to different surgical settings.

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Out-Patient, elective, cosmetic plastic surgery on multiple face and body areas

Dear paint59:

Thanks for sharing your photos. Each physician has their strengths and weaknesses as does each patient. 

These are some reasons to review your desires, concerns and surgeon abilities with multiple Board Certified Surgeons. In general, you may not find a Facial Plastic Surgeon with body surgery experience. 

Please consider:Y
  • Your medical needs and your stamina for prolonged surgery today may certainly be different than it was 7 years ago.
  • Standards have also changed toward more patient safety.
  • Grouping these fairly sizable elective, cosmetic procedures into smaller bundles
  • Prioritize the procedures and depending on the "recovery period", perform the surgery with the longest convalescence first and if you remain well, go to the second bundle of procedures 2 or 3 weeks later.
    • I have found this to be a very successful management of time and safety for my patients and they heal in the desired recovery period too.
    • This tactic also stresses the patient less with less post-operative fatigue and while rare, less need for transfusion.
    • You will also be able to select the best surgeon for the procedure(s) you wish to have performed.
    • You will have less need for an overnight recovery. I find that for the money, you receive better care in your own environment at home with a well selected private duty nurse. 
I hope this is helpful. I wish you the very best!

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What Type of Surgeon

A facial plastic surgery ONLY does procedures on the head and neck (for the most part) but they are very skilled with facial procedures. 

I included an aritcle below that may help with your decision.

Dr Bonaparte

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Thank you for your question. A board certified facial plastic surgeon can perform your facelift and can improve fat around your flanks and abdomen with SculpSure, a clinically proven and FDA-approved laser treatment that can vanquish up to 25% of your fat in a few 25-minute in-office treatments. Many facial plastic surgeons - including me - partner with board certified body surgeons. I suggest you find an office that has the capability to do both. Always consult with board certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes,

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Face and Body

I do several cases a month with a great plastic surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery of the body. I will perform facial procedures at the same time. It generally helps to shorten the whole procedure time and provide specialists in your area of concern.

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For multiple procedures including your face you would of course, need to see a plastic surgeon that is experienced in all of those that you are interested in, not just a facial plastic surgeon.  However, make sure the surgeon you see is also experienced in multiple procedure operations and has an overnight stay facility where you can be cared for and monitored by professionals.  I perform many multiple procedures and keep most of them overnight in our certified overnight facility.  Facelift, as well as thigh and buttock lift along with liposuction of multiple areas is not an uncommon combination.  The muscle repair would require an orthopedic surgeon in any case, not a plastic surgeon.

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Combining cosmetic procedures

I frequently combine cosmetic procedures to give my patients the maximum cosmetic improvement while minimizing their recovery and downtime. Your overall health and the extent of surgery will determine if you can safely have these procedure done together or whether they should be split up.

For facial rejuvenation (i.e facelift), a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon are usually equally qualified although individual experience and skill can vary considerably. For procedures on the body, you should consult with  a board certified plastic surgeon.

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