Contracture? (Photo)

From my previous post I am having muscle pain 8 weeks out. Hurts when I move them from side to side, up or down and when I give someone a hug. Is there any way of seeing signs of contracture from a photo?

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Capsular contracture?

Thank you for your question and photos.  If severe enough, there can be signs of capsular contracture that will be noted on photos.  In these circumstances there is a dramatic difference between the breasts.  From your photos, you appear to still have very good symmetry.  In this situation, only be exam would one be able to determine if you have early capsular contracture.  If you are worried, best to re-visit with your surgeon.

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You don't look contracted on the photo but it's hard to tell from photos sometimes, and also with the way you are holding your arms.  Conracture usually takes months to years to develop and the contracted breast will get more firm and usually raise up on the chest wall.  

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