My nose is a little crooked and I want it leveled. How much does rhinoplasty cost, and is it safe? (Photo)

Good day! I am turning 17 this year and I would like to know a presumable cost of rhinoplasty. The thing is that my nose is a little crooked and, unfortunately, it doesn't remain unnoticed in photos. I would like to level it (thereby get rid of a small hump), and to make the tip it a little smaller in size. Can you, please, tell me how much money I would have to spend in order to get the "dream-nose"? Thank you!

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It is possible to modify the shape of your nose to give it better contour. This would generally be from $8000 - $9000, although you may find it for a different price in your area.  

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Rhinoplasty- mild hump and crooked

You can certainly make a nice change to the nose on profile, often simply with rasping (filing) the bone and cartilage. 

If the nose is crooked in the region of the bony dorsum (top 1/3) , you will likely require ostotomies to reposition the bones.

If the nose appears crooked in the cartilagionous mid 1/3 region you may require work on the septum or use a cartilage onlay graft. 

It is difficult to comment on these options without seeing the nose straight on.  You may require a combination of these techniques.

Nevertheless, all techniques mentioned are very safe and reliable. 

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My nose is a little crooked and I want it leveled. How much does rhinoplasty cost, and is it safe?

  The nose can certainly be leveled.  From the one view it is a bit difficult to make recommendations about the tip and the crooked nature.  I would try to find a plastic surgeon who creates natural noses.  I would not select on price, because you only want to have the surgery once.

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