Lack of conchal bowl, one year after otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty 1 year ago, and am fairly satisfied when comparing my ears before-hand. However, I'm concerned about the lack of a conchal bowl in my right ear. On the back of my right ear, I can feel as if there is a dent. My left ear also seems to be lacking a bowl, but not as shallow as the right one. Was this a bad job done by the surgeon? Can another revision be made to fix them?

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Symmetry is achievable after Otoplasty

Results from otoplasty procedure are often extremely satisfying for patients. Occasionally slight asymmetry occurs, and minor revisions can be performed. Sometimes this is due to the two ears being different before surgery. A minor revision to correct asymmetry can often be performed, often with just a local anesthetic. A full evaluation, as well as review of operative notes and types of sutures and incisions used, would be the first step.

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