9.8 a1c; is coolsculpting safe?

Can coolsculpting be given if a1c is 9.8

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CoolSculpting vs SculpSure and HI DEF 4D CONTOURING

Yes coolsculpting is very safe and has no effect on the Ha1C level.  I suggest you see an expert for treatment options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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CoolSculpting is safe in the uncomplicated diabetic

Dear k5ft2:Uncomplicated diabetes is not one of the very few contra-indications for CoolSculpting. Should you have a rash in the area of the applicator, an infection at the time of the procedure or uncontrolled diabetes, you should visit your Primary Care Provider to assist in its resolution. Please consult with a Certified CoolSculpting Team for the best advice for this technique. You should visit your PCP or endocrinologist for an elevated A!C. All the best!

Dean P. Kane, MD, FACS
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CoolSculpting in Diabetes

CoolSculpting is a very safe procedure and can be used safely in diabetics.  Your diabetes and HgA1c will not be affected by Coolsculpting, neither negatively or positively.  With a HbA1c at this level my concern for your overall health supersedes the cosmetic benefits of Coolsculpting.  You have not given us your BMI. If it is >27 then for the benefit of your overall health you want to do everything you can to get to a healthy weight (BMI

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