Are there doctors in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta who can perform Labiaplasty Reduction Revision (photos)

I had a labiaplasty reduction in October 2013. It has been quite apparent the surgery did not yield the results I wanted. Is there a doctor in the Edmonton or Calgary (Alberta) area that has experience at labiaplasty revisions? My original doctor was out of province and has been contact about the problem, but has been unwilling to help me. I feel deformed and just want to be able to get back to a normal life!!

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Although it is very possible that a qualified labiaplasty surgeon exists in our area, I am not familiar with anyone to refer you to.  When searching, make sure the surgeon is board certified in either plastic surgery or gynecology, preforms labiaplasty at least weekly, has plenty of before and after photos to share with you, and is reputable in the local community.  Of course, there is nothing better than a direct referral from another satisfied patient if you can find one.  glad to help.

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Revising labia

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You must make sure whomever you see has some experience in this or you can end up worse.  So make some calls around your area and choose wisely.

Curtis Wong, MD
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