I Want to Get Labiaplasty But I'm Under the Age of Consent

For years now, my labia have continued to grow larger and larger, causing quite a bit of pain and discomfort. It's at the point now to where I have difficulty wearing normal jeans and underwear because my labia get caught in elastic. I'm 16 years old, and I realize that it would normally be early to get this due to developmental issue and what not, but it causes me pain daily. Is there anyway to get this being my age and reduce the labia so that I can get through everyday activities?

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Possible with parental support

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You can definitely reshape your labia with a labiaplasty procedure.  You are old enough to formally sign your consent for the surgery even though you are under 18 year old but you do need your parent's support and informal consent.  They will be extremely upset if you have a surgical procedure and do not let them know.   I have had several patients who are minors and have had full support from their parents in undergoing surgery.  


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At 16 years of age, you are old enough to undergo a labiaplasty procedure. You will require parental or your guardians consent. When you decide to consult a plastic surgeon for this procedure, bring them along so everyone will understand the problem it causes you and the surgical solution.



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Carlos Cordoba, MD
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Labiaplasty - 16 years old

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Hi Kynnchan,

Because you are under legal age, you would need - for sure - to have the consent of one or both of your parents before you could even consider doing this from a legal standpoint.  Beyond that, you'd need an exam from your gynecologist and, at least for myself, I would want confirming information from that doctor stating that you would be likely to benefit from this surgery.

Even then, you need to carefully consider the risks, benefits and alternatives - as is the case with any procedure, but particularly so for someone of your age and considering what part of you is being operated upon.

That being said, and assuming all of the above confirm what you've said and that your parents agree, it sounds like you're an excellent candidate for the procedure and that it has the potential, as is often the case, to literally transform your life.  So if you're okay pushing a little bit, speak with your parents and your GYN, and take it from there.

Otherwise, at the age of 18 - I know it seems like a long way off - you would not, at least in theory, need to get anyone else's consent or authorization.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Can one have a labiaplasty before they can consent for it at age 18?

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It is possible, but you need to discuss this with your parents, most likely your mother. Your gynecologist should do a thorough examination to make sure that you are otherwise healthy. At the age of 16-17 this can be very embarrassing especially if you are involved with school athletics. One of my 17 year old patients who was on the school swim team always had to wear boy shorts over her swimsuit. She was very self conscious of her condition. After her surgery she became more self assured and outgoing, and does not feel "abnormal". This is an easily fixable issue and you should not go through your teenage years worrying about it.

Labiaplasty for teens

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I would consult with your gynecologist. Also, since you are under 18, you would need parental consent. 

Usha Rajagopal, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Painful labia age issue

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I would suggest you first speak with your mom about this problem. I would hope that she would understand your concerns and want to help you get this troublesome addressed.  After talking with your mom, I would recommend you both discuss with your family physician. This is a relatively common question that arises particularly in athletic high school students.

James M. Kurley, MD
Champaign Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty in a teenager, under the age of consent.

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I would discuss this first with your gynecologist to assess your anatomy and evaluate your stage of development. You should most likley defer surgery until completion of your "pubertal growth spurt" AT 16 you will need the consent of your parents so you should discuss this with them as well.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty age

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Dear Kynnchan

You are old enough to undergo this operation which can address your serious problem. There is nothing that can be done as far as having the operation without parental/ guardian consent. If you are having problems with your parents it may be of help to visit your family doctor and ask him/her to help you speak with your parents re this issue.

Good luck

Dr Sadove

Richard Sadove, MD
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon
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Painful labia at age 16

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From your description, you are having considerable discomfort, and it is very likely that labiaplasty will be helpful.  Your age is not a problem to have the surgery done, but you would need a parent to provide consent.  I suggest you bring a parent to discuss your issues with a surgeon.  I'm sure everyone involved will want the best for you.

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