Labiaplasty Post-Op Concerns- Itchiness, Stinging Pain and Swelling Normal?

I had Labiaplasty surgery about 3 and a half weeks ago and over the past 2 weeks ive noticed alot of itching that is keeping me up at night, i have a perscription cream but that seems to be only a temporary fix, I also noticed a stinging pain and it is very irritated and a little swollen, is this all normal??

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Labiaplasty Post-Op Concerns

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Definitely contact your surgeon to rule out yeast infection or bacterial infection.  Always take probiotics when you take antibiotics.  Your irriation may be part of the normal postoperative course.  Suture removal may provide relief.  The sutures are dissolvable but removal at two weeks often provides great relief for your symptoms.  Also consider that your activity level and garments could aggravate the irritation and swelling during the first 6 weeks.  Take care.

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Labiaplasty Post-Op Concerns- Itchiness, Stinging Pain and Swelling Normal?

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Thank you for your question.  A photo would be helpful.  The symptoms you are experiencing is not normal. You may have a yeast infection or an issue with a suture.  Make an appointment with your surgeon for an examination.   Best wishes.

Swelling and Pain post Labiplasty

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Any time prior to a few months is too soon to expect edema to resolve, worry that it will not or know your final result. Labia often swell quickly and asymmetrically early on for the first 2-3 days and varies widely from patient to patient. Pain is variable from patient to patient. Sitz baths in warm water though good for cleaning and possible infection prevention can cause increased swelling. It can last several weeks to months and vary from day to day if you overdo it, eat a salty meal. Things you can try for early edema resolution: Low salt diet, arnica, bromelain, Ibuprofen. You should have a good idea of your final appearance by 3 months. I tell my patients, for most you are 85% of the way to your final result in about 3 months the rest takes up to a year.

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Labiaplasty swelling and itching

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Thank you for your question. Labiaplasty swelling can be very intense, especially if accompanied by bruising or hematoma. The labial tissue can expand quite a bit compared to other areas of the body, and it is not uncommon for one side to swell more than the other. I generally tell my patients that it will be weeks of swelling, with each week getting better than the previous. I ask them to avoid anything that can induce swelling such as strenuous activity or friction on the labia for upto six weeks. I also recommend that they keep the labia fairly lubricated (e.g. vaseline or aquafor) during the initial couple weeks when the swelling is most intense. The end results should be fairly obvious around the six week, and there can be intermittent swelling due to over activity or too much friction for another six weeks.

Itching is also a normal part of labiaplasty (and other surgical procedures) and is a sign of of your nerves recovering in the surgical site.  The stinging pain that you describe should be evaluated by your surgeon as it may be due to a retained suture or could be an early sign of infection.

Labiaplasty Post-Op Care

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Swelling should be decreasing three weeks following labiaplasty surgery.  If you feel that there is increased redness, irritation or swelling at this point you should see your surgeon.

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Itching and swelling after labiaplasty

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Dear Katharina,

you need to see your doctor to be examined ASAP. There are several causes of itching after labiaplasty, but my main concern would be that you do not have any infection.

your question was asked 18 days ago, so hopefully, you have seen him/her since.

Good luck with your recovery.

Florence Mussat, MD

Florence Mussat, MD
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Itching and Stinging After Labiaplasty

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Itching a few weeks after labiaplasty is not uncommon as your hair grows back. Stinging pain is very unusual. A trip back to your surgeon is in order to have that evaluated. Swelling can be a sign of a problem at this stage as well. It should be coming down. Get to your surgeon.


Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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Labiaplasty post-op expectations

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Barring a yeast infection, itching (without "cottage cheese-like" disharge) is rather typical 2-3 weeks after most surgeries.  It is a sign of ongoing healing caused by the release of certain chemicals of the body such as histamine.  Thus an anti-histamine such as benadryl can be quite helpful but can also be sedating for most people.  Before assuming this is all it is, I would strongly recommend following up with your operating surgeon first so s/he can take a look.  Best of luck...RAS

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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