Labiaplasty. Inner Sewn to Outter. Looks Pleated Because Too Much Skin Was Sewn Together After Wedge Technique? (photo)

Update: It's been almost 3 months post surgery. One side of my labia look great, although I wish is were a little tighter. The other side still looks as though it was sewn to the outer labia. The outer was pulled into the inner after the wedge was made it now looks as though I have 3 inner labias. Well 2 on one side. My hood is much longer now as well. I'm sure revision is needed. I just really want to know why it was sewn to the outer and what can be done to remove all of the extra skin. Please.

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Labiaplasty variations

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do exist and there is a bifurcation of the minora as it gets closer to the clitoral hood.  It really is near impossible to suture the minora to the majora as there is a defined space between them.  Your photos show what I would consider a normal appearance and I'm confident a vast improvement over where you started from.  And of course, you can always discuss this further with your surgeon and you could review your photos together to get a better explanation.

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It Appears I Have 3 Inner Labia Post Surgery: Why?

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Without a pre-operative picture, it is difficult to know exactly what occurred during surgery.  I have noticed pre-operatively in my own labiaplasty patients several anomalous connections from the hood of the clitoris to the labia minora, and with some redundancies which could be construed as 3 internal labia.

Please see your plastic surgeon and look at the pre-operative appearance of your labia minora.  This might explain your post-operative concerns.  On the other hand, surgical revision is certainly possible whether this was a pre-operative condition or is a result of the surgery.   

Labiaplasty revision

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Your labium was not sutured to your labium majora.  Your left labium and clitoral hood was probably much larger than your right.  You probably had an extra clitoral hood fold on the left that was not present on the right. This fold was not removed so it gives the appearance of two labia on the left. This deformity can easily be eliminated by excising the extra fold.  If you want more symmetry also, the right labium can be reduced slightly to make it tighter and make it match the left better. 


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Labiaplasty Revision

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   Do you have preoperative pictures?   This would help me assess what exactly was done and what may be done in the future.

Labiaplasty Revision Would Help

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Thank you for your  question. The labia minor does in fact connect to the inner labia majora.  They are naturally connected. Unfortunately, your left side did not heal as well and as symmetrically as the right. A straight forward revision under local anesthesia would help. Best wishes.

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