Labiaplasty INSTEAD of GRS?

I am a MtF transwoman seeking labiaplasty without a full GRS. Essentially take my scrotum (and or skin grafts etc.) and make it look like the inner and outer labia and leave my penis as an oversized clitoris. How possible is this? I would imagine it is much easier (and safer) than a full GRS.

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Labiaplasty INSTEAD of GRS?

It would be difficult to maintain the penis as an oversized clitoris and still perform a labiaplasty.  It would be preferable to remove the penis and then reconstruct the clitoris.  

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Labiaplasty possibilities with and without SRS / GRS

Your requests are certainly possible but probably not ideal.  SRS Vaginoplasty can be a safe and wonderful procedure if performed in the right setting with the right technique.  Results can be indestinguishable from natural beautiful female genitalia.  A mental health provider and a soound plastic surgeon need to be a part of any such intervention.  Per international standards I require two referals from mental health providers one of which the patient has some history with before performing such operations.  I hope this helps!

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