Labiaplasty 9 days ago, one stitch has come undone? Possible Labial Tear? (photo)

I had labiaplasty 9 days ago, via the trimming method; I was inspecting things yesterday and it seems that along the edge of one of my labia there is a slit that isn't fused together. So I'm wondering if the stitch came undone? Will it fuse together on its own or will I have to get re stitched? My next follow up appointment is in a week because my doctor is on vacation. Please help! I'm worried that without something keeping the skin together, it won't heal together properly!

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Hopefully you've healed much better than your post-op photos show

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and that you were able to achieve your goals.  Small separations will heal on their own as you've probably experienced.  You should have had the opportunity to critique your results with your surgeon as well.

Stitch undone after Labiaplasty

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HI. Even if a suture has come out most of these heal without a problem - paint an antiseptic ointment on it 3 times a day and continue normally till you see your doctore. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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