Labiaplasty for Hood Covering Clitoris Too Much?

I think that my hood covers my clitoris too much. You have to really stretch my hood far back to expose my clitoris. I have never enjoyed sex and I am wondering if this problem could be what is affecting my sex life. Would a clitoral hood reduction or labiaplasty help me?

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Labiaplasty for Hood Covering Clitoris Too Much?

Clitoral hood reduction involves removal of the excess tissue overlying the clitoris.  This both improves the appearance of the external genitalia and also can improve sexual function by removing the redundant skin that inhibits direct clitoral stimulation.  Care is taken to avoid excessive removal of clitoral hood skin with over-exposure of the clitoris, which can cause hypersensitivity.  Clitoral hood reduction is often combined with labiaplasty to produce a complete improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia.  I would recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon who has aesthetic training in this area to achieve the natural look and function you desire.

Ziyad Hammoudeh, MD

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Clitoral hood reduction and orgasm.

The answer to your question is not possible to obtain here as there are a multitude of possible issues that can affect the enjoyment of sex. It is, however, possible to tell you that many patients who have had a clitoral hood reduction report having more sensation and enjoyment of their sexual experiences. This procedure should also be distinguished from a Labiaplasty although they are very often performed together.

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The Clitoral Hood and Sex

The sexual response is a complex interplay between the mind and body of both you and your partner. The best first step in figuring out how to improve the process starts with a sexual therapist and not with the scalpel. The clitoris is completely covered by the skin of the hood in almost all healthy young women so I doubt that it would be the most likely culprit.

Clitoral hood reduction with or without labiaplasty may help

So much is involved with enjoying sex. Mechanical stimulation of the clitoris is definitely part of it. A clitoral hood reduction may help in a few ways:

  1. It will expose more of your clitoris.
  2. Mentally you may feel more attractive and sexual.

Whether you need a Labiaplasty in addition to a clitoral hood reduction would be determined during your consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Kari L. Colen, MD
Hackensack Plastic Surgeon

Clitoral hood reduction and sex or ability to achieve climax or orgasm

There are several factors that affect sexuality and the ability to achieve orgasm. Some of these involve the mechanical act of sex while others relate to hormonal status, anatomy, experience, anxiety, age, vascular supply, emotions, etc.

Although it is possible that your clitoral hood is interfering with mechanical stimulation of the clitoris and your susequent ability to achieve an orgasm, this may not be the only cause. In the event that it is the cause, a clitoral hood reduction could prove beneficial. This is different from a "hoodectomy" which I generally don't perform or recommend.

Labiaplasty may affect your sex life


A hood reduction can make your clitoris more easily available. Whether or not this will affect your sex life cannot, of course, be known for certain.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty

Thank you for your question and sorry that you have been having such concerns. 

With respect to imporvement in sex life first of all. This might be improved by the surgery for a number of reasons - firstly, removing the extra tissue can allow more exposure to the clitoris and therefore a greater ability to stimulate the area. secondly, the less extra skin around might make you feel less self concscious abou tthe area and therfore improve your ability to enjoy the moment. 

However, it might also be psychologically you have concerns and despite the surgery, there may still be difficulty in achieving enjoyment. What you need to gauge is what the reasons are for you not enjoying your sex life. 

If it is that you dont like the appearance and there is possibly too much extra skin, then this would be benefitted from surgical treatment that would involve both a clitoral hood reduction and a labiaplasty to remove the extra labia minor skin. 

I hope this is helpful for you

Best wishes

Clitoral hood

A labiaplasty will not address the excessive skin (hood) covering your clitoris.  A clitoral hood reduction would reduce this excess skin.  This is usually done for cosmetic reasons and not functional reasons.  I would suggest doing your research and consulting with a specialty trained aesthetic vaginal surgeon.  

Good Luck 

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Many women have a clitoris that is completely covered by the hood, but they still enjoy sex and have no problems with orgasm. so a clitoral hood reduction does not equal better sex.  An in office exam is a good place to start and a consultation with a sex therapist would also help.  Don't have surgery until all your questions are answered. Best wishes.  

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Clitoral hood covering clitoris

Hello, if the hood is covering the clitoris too much it can affect sensation. A clitoral hood reduction surgery can help with this. A labiaplasty is different that involves the labia minora or majora. This will not really help the situation in terms of the clitoris. With the wedge technique you do get some pull downwards with the upper labia. But, this may not be enough and you may need the clitoral hood reduction. The edge trim technique may result in prominent clitoral hoods and simultaneous clitoral hood reduction may be needed. thanks.

Rikesh T. Parikh, MD, FACS
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

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