Is Menuka Honey Okay to Use on Healing Wounds After Labiaplasty?

I just underwent labiaplasty. My surgeon used non- dissolveable stitches as he says it leaves a better scar. I read online that Manuka honey is great at healing wounds. Some sites advocate smearing it directly on vaginal wounds and torn labia after childbirth. Is this hygienic and safe? And effective? If so, how should the active Manuka honey be applied to the wound following labiaplasty? Thank you!!

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Labiaplasty healing

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Dear Overahaul,

you asked your question 2 months ago now, so I assume you are healed and doing well !

I would have recommended you to use vaseline or cocobutter, which are cheap basic emollients, easy to find and easy to apply.

Labiaplasty scars are usually barely visible since the tissues are mucosa.

Florence Mussat, MD

Honey and wound healing

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has been shown to effective in burns and if you saw a website advocting using it in vaginal tears, you can use it according to their published directions.  My protocol consists of using a topical antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin or other ointments such as Aqua-phor.  This is primarily to prevent your wound from sticking to the dressing and allow the wound to seal itself in the first 24-48 hours. 

As for permanent sutures versus absorbable sutures, I can't imagine it makes a huge difference on the final scars as most will be extremely hard to see.  If your permanent sutures are used for the outer lips (majora), I find permanent sutures easier in that situation.

I hope your find your healing uneventful and enjoy your results achieved.

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