Labia Majora+minora Reduction Scars Normal?

I am 4 weeks post op and feel like I have been butchered.My surgeon said there would be absolutely no visible scarring with this procedure.I asked for labia majora+minora reduction.I am scarred all over there-thick red bumpy ones all the way down the middle which drive me crazy with itching and then he has cut each side at the bottom of the majora and pulled them back (like a face lift)those scars are big,uneven,ugly and sore.Also one minor is much smaller than the other.what can I do?

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Too early at this time to see your results

At this time it's too early to tell how your results will be, because you're still swollen and the scars haven't matured, yet. After about 3 months or so, you should have a better idea. At that time, if you're still unhappy with your results, return to your surgeon. A revision may be necessary but don't have anything further done for at least 6-12 months after your original surgery.

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Scar Concerns after Labiaplasty

The final results of labiaplasty scars usually take time to evolve. At least 3 months, sometimes more, is required for the appearance to stabilze. Until then, allow the area to heal. If scars bother you, they can be revised at a later date.

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Labia Majora+minora Reduction Scars Normal?

       The scars should improve in quality and color over the course of a year.  The scars can be revised and symmetry improved in a year, if necessary.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Labia Majora+minora Reduction Scars Normal?

One month post surgery is too soon to determine the end result of the scars or the labia.  You may need to wait at least a year for the scars to mature. Depending on the techniques used, the scars can be hard to detect, since the labial skin is very thin.  Hopefully, your labia minora will even out with time also. Only time will determine if you will need a revision.


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One month too early to tell scar results after labiaplasty

Four Weeks Too Early to tell labiaplasty scar results. The scar bumps you describe are probably absorbing sutures behaving as they should. It is very unusual  to get a keloid or hypertrophic scar on the labia.
The Final Result of Labiaplasty varies from patient to patient and depends on many factors including the complexity of surgery, amount of skin/mucosa removed, amount of swelling, post operative activity, whether you are a smoker and many other factors. You can tell little at just four weeks following surgery and it is common for one side to swell more than another. Your final result may take several months and the scars up to a year or more so best to allow some time to pass before making any conclusions about the outcome success. Tincture of time is the hardest medicine to prescribe but chances are you will do well when the swelling goes down

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Scarring And Itching After Labiaplasty Surgery

There is always scarring after any surgery.  Fortunately, the labia minora are basically mucous membranes, and these usually heal quite well.  The asymmetry of your two labia is of concern and I would definitely go back and speak with your plastic surgeon about this.  This problem should be easily correctable.  Itching after surgery is a common phenomenon because nerve endings are growing back.  My mother told me, when it itches, it is getting better.  Technically, she was correct in that pain fibers are the most common fibers in the body, and as these regrow, one itches because itch is actually low grade pain.  The redness and swelling you are objecting to will subside as your scars mature. 

Because this area is very prone to fungal infections, possibly some of the problem is that you have a secondary fungus infection if your plastic surgeon placed you on antibiotics.  If so, there are some very good medications to treat this quickly, including pills and a gynecologic cream that includes both a topical steroid and an anti-fungal medication.  Once again, these are problems you should bring to your plastic surgeon. 

All this being said, if you are truly dissatisfied with your plastic surgeon, you may want to get a second opinion from another Board Certified plastic surgeon.  I did some of my medical training at Barts in London, and I know that London has some of the best Board Certified plastic surgeons in the world.  I am sure you will have no trouble finding a good one.\]









Labiaplasty scars

Scars will be perceptible after labiaplasty surgery.  There are different techniques that place the scars in different locations.  An anterior resection of the labia minora will leave the scar along the outermost part of the labia minora.  A wedge resection can hide the scar much better along the natural fold of the labia and inner mucosa.  The scar for the labia majora depends on the physical exam and how much excess tissue is being resected.  This scar is often in close proximity to the outer portion of the labia minora.

Immediately after surgery and for possibly weeks afterwards, there can be swelling, itching, and irritation along the incisions.  I would wait six weeks to get a good sense of what the final result would look like, but you may even get more swelling reduction and softening of the scars for the ensuing month or two.  I would avoid doing any corrective surgery until all the swelling and softening of the scars have occurred.  Some of the bumps you feel along the scar may also soften.  It is not uncommon to use dissolvable sutures inside the incision, and it takes time for your body to resorb them.

Most importantly, it would be advisable to share your concerns with your surgeon.  Complications can occur in any surgery and it would be good for your surgeon to help guide you as to what is within the normal parameters of healing.  

Good luck.

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Labiaplasty scars and revision - Los Angeles

Scarring may either worsen or improve with time.  The results are fairly uncertain without treatment.  I would encourage you to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and optimize your scars. I perform many revision labiaplasty procedures.

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Labiaplasty scars can be seen

so I'm wondering why your doctor told you there would be 'no scars'.  Regardless, you need to give the area time to heal and then can be more critical about your results.  Hopefully you will find a solution through him/her to provide you what you expected from this procedure.  As for itching, antihistamines can help as it is normal for itching in healing scars but you should check with your doctor as other issues could also be occurring.  If you desire more opinions, a photo will be needed.

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Labia majora/minora reduction scars

It is difficult to advise you without a photo of exactly what you are referring to.  The scars typically heal quite well in this area, even if absorbable sutures are used.  You might be having an allergic reaction to the suture material if your surgeon used absorbable sutures.  You should call their office for an examination.

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