5cc in Lap Band Instead of 7cc - What Should I Do?

i want for a fill and instead of 7cc from the preveious time 3 months ago i find 5cc. what should i do?

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Loss of fluid after Lap-Band fill

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If the volume of fluid changes in your band there are many things that need to be investigated.  It could be that the band was not filled accurately the previous fill,  there could have been air in the band, or there can be a leak from the band.  If this continues to happen further investigation by your surgeon is needed and sometimes you may even need to replace the band.

Lap Band fill

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The mostly likely explanation is they didn't empty it completely which can happen.  If you're doing well and feel restricted I wouldn't worry about the volume.  If however, you no longer feel restricted there may be a leak in the system.  This should be discussed with your surgeon.

David Thoman, MD
Santa Barbara Bariatric Surgeon

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