Is it normal to bleed enough where I need tampons after my Mona Lisa procedure?

I finished my period a couple of days before my 3rd and final Mona Lisa treatment. It's been 7 days and I've been bleeding ever since. Is this normal? have a normal light period every month still.

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Bleeding not normal

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Bleeding after monalisa is not common. It could be trauma from the actual probe, or something completely different. I would definitely schedule an appt with your doc.

Bleeding for 7 days after Mona Lisa is not normal

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Bleeding is never normal after Mona Lisa or FemiLift. If you were on blood thinners, it might happen infrequently. If you had an undiagnosed vaginal lesion, it might have been traumatized. You need a speculum examination. Go see your surgeon. 

Bleeding is NOT normal after Mona Lisa Touch

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Thank you for your question. Although discharge and spotting can occur with other fractionated CO2 laser treatments, this is not common with Monal Lisa Touch. The way in which energy is delivered with the Mona Lisa Touch does not cause sloughing of the skin nor should it cause ongoing bleeding. Even in my most severely atrophic patients, I have not seen this. Other causes of bleeding should be ruled out such as cervical polyps or lesions or possible intermenstrual bleeding from the uterus. I recommend that you see your physician for evaluation.

Peter Castillo, MD, FACOG
Bay Area Urogynecologist
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Bleeding after intra-vaginal fractional CO2 laser (Mona Lisa or FemiLift)

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It is usual to have 3-5 days of modestly heavy watery to pinkish discharge after Mona Lisa or FemiLift. As for your individual situation, no it's not "usual" to have gross bleeding. See the doc who administered your treatment!


Michael P Goodman MD
Davis, CA, USA


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This is NOT normal and may be ABNORMAL enough to check with your OBGYN. Irregular bleeding can happen with onset of menopause but needs further clarification if unusual. The MLT is unrelated, it doesn't affect the uterus.

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