Fat grafting or Breast Implants! Decisions!

I'm 5'6 about 30% body fat right now. Around 180 or so. My "band" width is at 36in basically an A cup pushing to a B cup in fullness so to speak. I'm trying to decide whether to do implants or the fat grafting. I really want a natural look, but because my breast sag a little I don't want to go too big and then regret it later. But I also want to be able to see growth in them as well. Is it possible to have all of that and be satisfied?

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A breast augmentation consultation is a good first step.

A board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement can help you decide if fat grafting or breast implants are right for you. Fat transfer works best for women who want a modest increase in their breast size. If you want to add more volume, breast implants may be the better option. You should be able to achieve results that look and feel very natural with either saline and silicone breast implants. For a personalized recommendation, you should schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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Fat Injections vs Implants

Thank you for your question. It's difficult to give exact recommendations without photos or an in person consultation. That said, implants are a more reliable way to get more fullness. You won't lose fullness from weight loss. If do not wish to have implants, fat injections may work for you. You can expect a one cup size increase. Your surgeon will have to over-inject the breasts as only 60% of the fat injected lives forever. You will need to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Breast of luck! 

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Breast implant is the only way to go

There is only one predictable and safe way to enlarge breasts. That is breast implants. They are reliable. They do not die and disappear and do not cause calcifications in breasts. Fat disappears, dies and causes calcifications that can be confused with cancer.

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Fat grafting or Breast Implants! Decisions!

The limitation of fat grafting for breast enlargement is that only 150-200 cc of fat usually survives.  In most situations that amount of fat can increase by 1 cup size in the same style and manufacture of broths to currently wear.  It is important that she see a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast augmentation  to thoroughly discuss your goals.

Fat Grafting to the Breast Sounds Great

But it only offers a modest size increase in most cases, and I am not so sure about it's future effects on mammograms which is an important point to consider.  You need to see a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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Fat grafting vs implant

Thanks for your inquiry, my only advice for you is to go seek a surgeon who has done a high number of fat grafting procedures to the breast, the learning curve can be steep and you have very particular requests.  Also women who need lifts often regret it later when they do not get one,  so please discuss the "sagging" as well, good luck.  

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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Fat grafting vs. implants

I am seeing patients who are requesting fat grafting in lieu of implant placement.  It is worth noting that large volume fat grafting can cause artifacts on future mammograms that may be unnerving.  

David A. Lickstein, MD
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