In your experience, how often would you say as doctors that you've had to use a permanent mesh?

I was told I needed one Jagger a failed modified mini tummy tuck. My doctor also used absorbable sutures. Can you give me your opinion based on my photos also under my profile?

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Have never used mesh for a tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question. I reviewed many of your photographs and, based on what I can see, I think that you were probably a better candidate for a full tuck rather than a 'modified' mini.  I have never needed to use mesh and I always use absorbable sutures, however, I always double sew the muscle so that you won't accident tear them out in the first six weeks after surgery. 

Permanent Mesh

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Thanks for your inquiry.  I would say that it is less than 1% of the time when you would need to use mesh to the abdomen.  Most people have enough tissues to warrant direct closure and plication.  Mesh is really only used in recurrent hernia cases or in cases where the abdominal fascia is so stretched out that suturing is just not enough to support the closure in something we call a “prune belly” abdomen where direct closure becomes impossible.  I hope this is helpful. 

When to use mesh with a tummy tuck

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When the abdominal wall has been stretched and weakened, support with a mesh material may be appropriate in order to maintain the result. It does not always need to be permanent however, as newer materials induce a layer of your own collagen to form. These include SERI scaffold and Galaflex.

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