What Are the Side Effects of Fat Transfer if Any Also What is Used to "Clean" the Fat?

What are the side effects of fat transfer to the buttocsk if any also what is used to "clean" the fat before reinjection ?

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How is the fat prepared before injection?

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Every surgeon has a different technique to prepare the fat prior to injection.  Some wash the fat with saline, other just let it separate.  Surgeons typically choose the technique that works best in their hands.  The most common side effects are pain, bruising, and swelling.  Less common side effects include asymmetry, contour irregularity, loss of fat, and blood clots.

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Fat Cleaning Prior to Injection

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   The fat is sterilely harvested and transferred to the buttocks.  Cleansing is not necessary, and separation of the fat can be performed by gravity alone.  Risks include contour abnormality, fluid collection, bleeding, and infection among others. 

Cleaning the fat prior to transfer

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You have asked a great question!  There are many different ways that plastic surgeons go about cleaning the fat prior to fat transfer to the butt.  The thing to remember is that the fat is coming from inside you first and thus is sterile to start with.  I use saline and  mixture of antibiotics to be doubly sure that everything is sterile prior to transfer.  


The risks specific to this surgery include removing too much or too little fat, addition of too much or too little fat, failure of the fat to take, infection, bleeding, blood clots, and need for more surgery. Fortunately, the risks are minimal if you see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Cleaning the fat for fat transfer

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During a Brazilian Butt Lift, the fat is cleaned through a variety of methods and depends on the doctor. I personally let the fat settle in a closed sterile cannister and then gently wash it with saline. This helps to preserve the very fragile fat cells. Some doctors strain the fat through a fine mesh, but I find that this destroys the cells and makes them unsuitable for transfer. There is no known side effect of fat transfer, except that you may want more.

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