BBL Areas Look Lumpy. Is 6 Wks Too Late to Use a New Garment to Assist? (photo)

I had lipo suw/ction with fat transfer to butt my tummy has a small lump but also overall looks lumpy I wore the garment provided by my dr along with the squeem. I am wondering is it too late at this point of healing to purchase a tignew garment to try and improve my results ? help what should I do? I am so upset by this also one of my butt cheeks looks different... is it possible I might need a revision ? Also indentation on the back area of left flank what is this ?

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6 weeks after brazilian butt lift

It is very common 6 weeks after Brazilian butt lift to have some mild contour irregularities.  This will hopefully improve with time.  Wearing compression garments will help with contour.

Brazilian Buttlift and Lumpiness at 6 Weeks

At 6 weeks, you will still have a good deal of healing left and lumpiness is not uncommon.   You may not see your final result for 6 months.  With regard to your buttocks, I rarely see that much bruising after surgery and certainly not at 6 weeks.  Is that picture really from 6 weeks?  If it is, you have a great deal more healing ahead, and it is too early to make any determinations about buttock symmetry.  I do not have the benefit of preoperative photos, but you appear to look good at that point in the recovery process.  With regard to compression, I ask my patients to wear it until 6 weeks.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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