How many Rhinoplasty procedures do you do in a week, month, year?

Just curious as to how many nose jobs suregons across the board do in their practice.

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How many rhinoplasty surgeries does a surgeon do?

This is a very interesting question. There is no means to independently verify the number of cosmetic Rhinoplasties done by surgeons. However in Ontario our provincial health insurance (OHIP) has accurate data regarding the number of reconstructive Rhinoplasties performed yearly. This is because the province is the only insurer in Ontario (population of 13.6 million). Therefore every reconstructive rhinoplasty must be billed to OHIP if the surgeon wants to be paid. Furthermore it's illegal for anyone to charge the patient for reconstructive Rhinoplasties. The result of all this is their figures are very, very accurate.

The results are very interesting. Half the surgeons who bill rhinoplasty, do less than 25 a year. This works out to a couple a month. 85% of all surgeons doing rhinoplasty are Otolaryngologists, also known as Facial Plastic Surgeons. Unfortunately cosmetic rhinoplasty isn't monitored and it's difficult to determine numbers. There is a natural reluctance by surgeons to publically state their numbers. Some offices don't even track the data. Plus it's a known fact we surgeons tend to overestimate our numbers.

So the real question to my mind is what frequency is needed to maintain surgical skills? No one knows, but I suspect its more than every one week (25 a year). Now what about the surgeons who can truly call themselves rhinoplasty experts? How many would one expect they are doing? Again no one really knows as these answers can't be determined precisely and certainly can't be verified precisely, if at all. However performing over a 100 Rhinoplasties a year makes a surgeon very busy and therefore presumably an expert.

How many surgeons are in this category? Again impossible to accurately know. However here in Toronto there are 8.8 million people and about 60 surgeons performing rhinoplasty. I think there are about 4 or 5 of us doing over 100 Rhinoplasties a year. Since there's a greater supply of doctors in the USA, I would think this would dilute and reduce the number an individual surgeon would do. What effect this would have on the prevalence of rhinoplasty experts unfortunately I don't think can be confidently extrapolated.

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