Implants Too Wide/Flat. Should I Have Gotten Less Cc's HPs? (photo)

2nd BA- Sientra 550cc Mod.Diameter 14.8/Projection 4.3. Not happy with the results,very sad. I look too wide.There is visible rippling on the top part already,my nipples are uncentered,breasts are not full but too wide.My rib cage is 31",my BWD is around 15cm, wider than average. Tuberous breast syndrome and not enough breast tissue left me with no lower pole and I needed projection.I wouldn't mind a 2 inch gap. I think I should have gone with 450-500cc Mentor HP. 1stBA I had 225cc mod mentor.

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Breast revision

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It is a bit early to see the final result. THe lower pole may stretch out a bit more. Give it more time.  Goo duck.

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Implants Too Wide/Flat. Should I Have Gotten Less Cc's HPs?

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Very hard to advise in your situation over the internet. But I might have use Sientra textured round base high projection 425 (12.5 wide, 5.8 projection). Or 500 UHP Mentors. Also in tuberous areas do spearder punches with fat grafting. Just  my opinion. 

Concerns after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after revision I breast surgery. It is difficult to answer the question about breast implant size/profile selected, without knowing exactly what your goals were preoperatively (and what you communicated to your plastic surgeon preoperatively).  

At this point, I would suggest that you give yourself several months before evaluating the end results of surgery. Almost all patients will go through an adjustment period,  both from the physical and psychological body image stand point, after undergoing breast surgery.

 If in the longer term, you remain displeased with the end results of surgery, communicate the specific concerns you have;  hopefully, your plastic surgeon will be able to guide you and determine whether a different size/profile of breast implant will help achieve your goals. If necessary, seek a 2nd opinion consultation.

Best wishes.

High Profile Implants Will Not Change Many Features Of Your Breasts

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Your early results after breast augmentation look very reasonable and will need time to settle. Some of your expectations were not realistic given your preoperative breast anatomy, such as their wide spacing, uneven nipples and asymmetry. You have a significant amount of fullness, particularly in the upper pole. Your concerns would not be changed or improved had you gotten a different profile implant. The problem is your breast anatomy/shape that you have and not a problem with the implants. Breast implants largely make the breast bigger and only magnify the their initial anatomic shapes.  


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You don’t seem to have tuberous breast deformity. Your areolas were far apart to start with so no matter what implants you use your areolas will never be close together. It looks like you need to have the implants drop a little more. You should be wearing a breast band to force them down into the pocket.


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