I'm 25 with an underbite. I want to correct it, but dont want to have surgery. Do I have any other options? (photos)

I had braces when I was 18 to prepare for surgery, but couldn't follow through with surgery. I don't have the time for the healing process that comes with jaw surgery, so I'm searching for alternative options. I get frequent headaches; discomfort in my jaw; have difficulty biting certain foods; and have speech/ lisp issues accociated with my underbite. I appreciate any advice. Thanks

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Underbite Correction Without Surgery

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You absolutely do have an option other than surgery. You need arch development. This arch development needs to be done by a doctor who understands the relationship between tooth movement and TMJ health, airway health and facial aesthetics. If the doctor can not intelligently and confidently talk about those important relationships then you need to keep looking for one who does.

Arch development is accomplished with a removable dental appliance and would take 12-18 months of daily wear of the appliance for 12-17 hrs/day.

Good luck!

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