I'm 46 years of age, 10 days post-op Removal and Lift, I feel very lethargic is that normal? (photo)

I had my over the muscle saline implants removed and had a lift they were 420cc and I had drains. I had the drains removed after one week. It's now been 10 days. I feel over all very lethargic and just want to stay in bed for the most part. I was on antibiotics for a week so it ended a few days ago. I'm not sure how I should be feeling.as of now I walk around my house but overall want to stay in bed. The drain sites itch and feel sore. Is it ok that I want to be in bed Is it normal only on Advil

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Surgical recovery

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It is common to feel a lack of energy during recovery.  Your body is taking your energy to heal itself.  You should strive to get out of bed and walk around some each day.  Gradually your stamina will improve.  Some soreness is still expected for the next few weeks.  It is important that you keep all follow up appointments with your surgeon so that your progression in recovery can be monitored.

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Lethargy after surgery

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yes, very common! Usually during the first week after surgery (especially cosmetic surgery), you are on an adrenaline rush from all the expectations and anticipation.  Now that it has all run its course, your body needs to catch up and rest. General anesthesia takes more a toll on your body than we realize. This can be normal for up to a month after surgery. If you are finding that this extends for longer, I would definitely mention it to your surgeon. 

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Lethargic after implant removal and lift

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Thanks for you questions.  It can be usual to feel a bit lethargic after a big procedure under general anesthesia.  As long as your incisions are healing well, you are only taking Advil for minor discomfort, and you are eating/drinking well there should be nothing to worry about and you will begin to feel more like your normal self over time.

If you continue to have concerns, please schedule an appointment with your surgeon to discuss.

Best wishes!

Dr. Brown

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Postoperative Level Of Activity After Removal Of Implants and Mastopexy

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By ten days after removal of your breast implants and mastopexy, you should be getting out of bed and walking around. Patients can sometimes get into a vicious cycle: the more you stay in bed, the more lethargic you become.  Conversely, when you get out of bed, and begin to resume your normal activities of daily life. Also, we advise our patients to refrain from taking advil for at least two weeks after surgery.

Peter Lee, MD, FACS
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Very lethargic 10 days after implant removal and breast lift

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Thank you for asking about your breast lift and implant removal.

This early after surgery, it is essential for your welfare that you contact your own plastic surgeon. Only your surgeon knows your over-all health and what is expected after your surgery. We want you to have a good recovery - and that means letting your own surgeon be in charge. 

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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