How long for final shape post-breast augmentation? Are my breasts going to be asymmetrical? (Photo)

Hi, i had my breast augmentation 4 weeks ago, I have had 415cc textured high profile implants placed in both (Natrelle inspira). At the moment I can see a bigger distance in the space between my nipple and the fold in my left breast than in my right, im just wondering if it will always be like that? Also, the distance between my breasts concern me, will they get much closer and how much longer will that take?

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How long after breast augmentation before I achieve my final shape?

In reality, wound healing takes place over 1 year in some patients, but most of your swelling should be gone at 3 months and your implants should be almost or fully settled at that point.  Since you are only one month post-op, it is too early to start worrying and you look like you have a nice result.  Also, if one of your nipples was lower than the other before surgery, it is likely that it will maintain that level of asymmetry even after breast augmentation.  Very few people have perfect symmetry.  However, as stated before, it is early in the process and in many people, one implant/breast settles faster than then other and you may be seeing some differences due to the different speeds of healing between the two breasts.  Also, the distance between your breasts appears satisfactory and you don't want them much closer as you will risk having synmastia (uniboob).  I hope this helps to answer your questions.  Make sure to relay your concerns to your plastic surgeon as we all like being kept in the loop. If I can be of further help, please feel free to reach out to me.

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