Do I need a second breast lift? (Photo)

When i turned 18 i decided to get implants. The doctor put a bigger implants of my left breast to even everything out because of the asymmetry. the left implant never settled and was very high and different compard to the right. Years later and after breast feeding, i got an anchor lift and open capsulotomy (on the left breast to help it go down). still after all that nothing helped and my breast are still not close to being even. The doctor said i need a second lift to help the asymmetry.

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Second breast lift

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Breast asymmetry is very common before and after any breast surgery, especially without bra or clothing. For best results, a revision of the implants and pockets along with a revision mastopexy may be indicated.

An exam and consultation with a/your plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options and expectations.

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