I am very sensitive to Retin-A, but I very much want to use it, or maybe Retinol?

I skipped days, etc. It was always the gel. I am now 61, w/ wrinkles & discoloration too. Any advice as to how I could use Retin-A? I'm also considering Microneedling, and Botox.

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Retin A treatment

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Thank you for your question. In my experience, Retin-A gel can be irritating for some individuals causing dryness, redness, etc. There are alternative medications within the same class of Retin-A that are less irritating and drying such as Differin, Atralin, etc. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist to have your skin evaluated and to discuss treatment options that best suit your needs. Take care and good luck.

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