6 weeks post transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat repositioning swelling (Photo)

Yes I have spoken to my doctor, but I would like other opinions. I still have uneven swelling making one eye look as though it has an under eye bag. I am becoming increasingly depressed regarding this as it seems to not be resolving with massage. My under eyes do not match at all. How long can this go on and what is the likely hood that they will ever look the same?

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Massage is not the answer to every problem.

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I suspect that the message is not helping anything.  At six weeks you still have residual swelling and inflammation in the eyelids.  Fat repositioning is not instant process.  It really takes several months to settle down.  In many cases, the surgery is helpful not miraculous.  Even in the best of hands, you may need under eye fillers to complete the look.  For this reason, many patients elect to have fillers instead of surgery.  I am no fan of micro or nano fat in the lower eyelid.  I see two to three new consults each week from folks who are having problems with grafted fat.  I recommend you let the eyelid alone and let them heal another month and consider expert filler treatment to smooth the contour.

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