How old should someone be to get cheek fillers or cheek augmentation?

I was wondering how old someone should be to get a procedure such as cheek fillers or face argumentation. Should you wait until you face is done growing? If so what age would it stop growing for a female?

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Appropriate age for cheek augmentation

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There is no set age to recommend for cheek augmentation except that you should be fully grown. The more important issue is that you should achieve sufficient emotional maturity to be able to make such important decisions. Rushing into cosmetic procedures at a very young age is not always the right thing to do. Seek mature advice.

Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Appropriate Age for Cheek Fillers or Implants

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These procedures should be done after facial growth is complete. While this does vary for young ladies most are physically mature by age 15-16.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How old should someone be to get cheek fillers or cheek augmentation?

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Hi, the face is adult sized at the age of 13 to 14 years of age however there are varying degrees of excess fat (baby fat) that will make the face appear more full and round.  I typically wait until the patient is in their late teens before using a dermal filler to shape the cheeks (unless the cheeks are already very flat).  For cheeks implants, I prefer the patient be in their early 20's as this is a surgical procedure.

 I have performed many facial shaping procedures using dermal fillers, facial implants (cheek, chin), liposuction and/or facelifts for over 30 years. Following the beauty principles outlined in my book on face and body beauty, women look the most feminine, youthful and attractive with heart shaped faces. Heart shaped faces have cheeks that are full and round in the front. Cheek augmentation with a dermal filler or using cheek implants for a permanent enhancement will create full, round cheeks that will feminize the entire face.

 Think of facial beauty as something that "must" address all layers of the face including the skeletal structure of the cheeks and chin, the overlying SMAS muscle, amount and position of subcutaneous fat and finally the degree of skin laxity. It's an "urban myth" that pulling tissues over flat cheeks and a weak chin can create a beautiful or handsome face. Similarly, dermal fillers or facial implants alone can't lift and remove excess skin from the face and neck. Natural looking beauty is created by the aesthetic vision of what tissue layers need to be adjusted by what technique and amount.

 Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Getting Cheeky with Facial fillers (Voluma, Radiesse, Perlane): Sculptra for cheek augmentation

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Younger patients can use fillers for cheek augmentation. Fillers are a great choice for younger patients because they offer temporary fullness and can be touched up with facial changes. These facial fillers (Voluma, Radiesse, Perlane, Bellafill): Sculptra, can be used for cheek augmentation, facial volume and contour. I recommend getting a formal consultation with a facial contouring expert to go over the best treatments for you at this time. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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How old should someone be to get cheek fillers or cheek augmentation?

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Cheek augmentation is a procedure to improve the volume and contour of the cheek. This may be accomplished with a filler injection, fat grafting or a cheek implant surgery.

The shape of the cheek is determined by 3 things: your bone structure, the soft tissue of your cheek, and the overlying skin. All of these slowly change over time. Fillers are FDA approved over the age of 21 years. Surgery is up to the individual after 18 years of age. I recommend a conservative approach. First wait until your growth and weight are stable. Have a formal consultation to learn your options. Start with a temporary, reversible treatment like a facial filler before permanent treatments. Ultimately, it's a discussion between the patient and the surgeon to make a decision toward a safe and happy outcomes. Safety comes first.

Victor Chung, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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