I Am Getting Ready to Have a Panniculectomy...what Can I Expect?

I had gastric bypass in 2008,have lost over 240 lbs and developed non-healing necrotic abdominal wounds in 2012. They first thought the wounds were calciphylaxsis from dialysis but 4 biopsies were negative.Now they think the drag of excess skin is causing the problem hence a panniculectomy. Just wondering what I can expect pain wise...I have high tolerance...recovery time etc. I would really just like to know there is an end to this nightmare I've been living for the last 10 months. Thank you!

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What to expect

First of all congratulations on the weight loss keep up the good work. I explain to my patients that the recovery process and time is specific to each individual. Every one heals and recovers differently and you need to create your process based on what your body is telling you to do. The first week to two weeks I recommend taking it slow, not to be on bed rest, but no running a marathon either. Listen to your body if you do a little to much your body will let you know. Always be in contact with your surgeon post-operative with any questions or concerns regarding pain, activity or signs and symptoms of infection. Sounds like there is a plan for you and thank you for your question.

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Panniculectomy, what to expect

Tummy tuck is mainly to improve shape and contour by plicating your core tight then redraping the skin. Without the core thightening (muscle repair), its not a tummy tuck, but a panniculectomy (skin and fat resection). In your case you will definetely need your core tightened after losing weight. Expect 2 weeks of being slow, and 2 more where things improve. You will have to wear a abdominal binder for 4 week maybe 6weeks.

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Getting Ready to Have a Panniculectomy

Thank you for your question. Usually, the most pain people express is where the drain tubes are sewn to the skin, and the feeling of tightness over the abdomen where the muscles have been tightened. I hope this helps.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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