What type of filler I can use for temple? (Photos)

Hello i want to do a facial filler for cheekbones and temple ( fill the area next to my eye) my face is small long and narrow from the sides what is the best filler i can use to enhance my features specially in the temple one doctor recommend me to use radiesse filler but i didnt like the side effects other doctor recommend juvederm so appreciate your help and recommendations if there is any other options

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Hi. I agree either radiesse or hyaluronic acid.If you are risk averse then I suggest voluma which is often used in the temples and has a very low side effects profile.

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Temple Filler

Hello Sya026,

I prefer to use Sculptra in this area especially in a patient that requires more volume due their face shape. It is the longest lasting filler on the market and it builds your own collagen. The chances of nodules are low but make sure to find a skilled physician injector. You most likely will need 2 to 3 treatments but this will lead to the best results. Under the eye area it is not recommended to use Sculptra, however the cheeks and temple area is great. I hope this helps.

Dr Andrea Dempsey MD

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Cheek and temple filler

Thank you for your question and photos. Radiesse is a good product and often used in the cheeks and jaw line with success. It cannot be dissolved which can be a problem if there is a bump or you just don't like it. Juvederm such as voluma is a good option for cheeks and temples. You look young and have good volume but if you some augementation, it would be reasonable and can still look natural. Good luck.

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Facial filler for temples and cheekbones

In my practice, we use a variety of fillers for different areas of the face based on the properties of the filler (softer, longer lasting, etc) and the patient's expectations.  Voluma is a nice choice for the temples as it is a 'softer' filler and more easily sculpted for a smooth effect.  I like Radiesse for cheekbones, but Voluma works well there, too.  At least as important as the brand of filler you use is to find a provider that you trust and who will carefully explain potential risks and benefits of the fillers they recommend.  Ask to see before and after photos of some of their patients who have had the treatments you are seeking.  Good luck!

Suzan McGary, MD
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