Do I have a retracted columella? 3 months post-op open rhinoplasty. (photos)

i had open rhinoplasty 3 months ago.. and i am not fully satisfied with the result .. here is my new nose .. 1.why is the collumella in the front view looks short ? 2.the tip from the side view looks so long , will it be shorter over time ? thanks.

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Retracted columella

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The columella is not retracted but the columella close to the tip of the nose is slightly lower than the columella close to your face. This inequality casts a small shadow making the columella appear retracted proximally. Correction is relatively minor.

Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

Post surgery concerns

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Thanks for your question. It is difficult to tell solely from a photograph whether or not your columella will be retracted. You are still in the early stages of scar development which ultimately shapes the lower portions of the nose. Though you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon, I think your nose is still in the healing stages. Please be patient.

R. Graham Boyce, MD
Covington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Is columella retracted?

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The columella shown on the picture above is not retracted. A retracted columella is one that cannot be seen on profile or one that "hides" in the profile view.

Andres Bustillo, MD, FACS
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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