Why does my nose seem like it has no cartilage after a septoplasty? (Photo)

It's been a year & a half since i had my operation to improve my breathing! But I don't know why it looks different! It's less defined, wider, & i can squeeze & move my nose tip in all directions! Why did this happen? I loved my old nose! Never wanted to change it!

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Septoplasty and Cartilage Concerns

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An examination would be required to determine exactly what has happened to your nose after a septoplasty, but it appears from you photos that a portion of your cartilaginous septum was removed with your surgery. The caudal septum could have been displaced, fractured, bent or otherwise abnormal which created a nasal obstruction. Regardless of the reason, your surgeon may have felt that removing a portion of your septal cartilage was necessary to correct the problem. Removing cartilage may have short and long term issues associated with your nose. Perhaps a discussion with your surgeon or other professional in this field can help you understand exactly what happened. 

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