Invisalign treatment with premolar extraction?

I started my braces a year ago and it is working very slowly. I've had 4 of my premolars extracted to help get my teeth straightened and in a nice way. Now, the gap on the right side of my teeth is almost closed, however, on the left side, the movement to close the gap is taking so long and it's unbearable. On the other hand, the bottom teeth movement is normal. I am 22 years old & I am sick of braces. That's why I decided to switch to Invisalign. Will Invisalign close the premolar gaps?

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Closing premolar gaps

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Invisalign should be able to be used to close the gaps if your dentist or orthodontist is experienced using Invisalign for this type of case. You should be using rubber bands to achieve this type of movement.

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