I Want to Get Rid of These Dimples/cheek Dents? (photo)

I'm a girl and am almost 18 years old. have deep dimples or dents under my eyes and along the side of my face. (My left side is much less deep than my right.) every time I smile they cut through half my cheeks and face side. (There's also a tiny bump that forms behind my eye) and I don't find it very pleasing and It makes me look old. Is there a way of making my cheeks fuller and not as bumpy? I would much appreciate it.

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More volume to cheeks

Yes, some volume replacement in the area of your cheek overlying the malar bone would defintely improve the flat appearance of your cheek.  You have quite a few options with varying price points.  The thicker hyaluronics such as Perlane or Voluma can be place down on the bone in order to pillow up the cheek and create a softer fuller appearance.  Radiesse can also be used. I would certainly suggest you try one of these prior to ever considering a surgical approach where a plastic surgeon would place cheek implants for a permanent solution.  Get several opinions before you make any decision.

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