Asymmetric eyes; how can I make the shape better? (Photo)

i have squint since i was 2 years old i had 2 surgeries and botox to fix it but i still have squint ,after all these surgeries i notice that my lazy eye look bigger and different and this is really bother me more than squint , pls how to make the shape better ?

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You need bilateral upper eyelid ptosis surgery with a low set upper eyelid crease.

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I suspect you also have upper eyelid lash ptosis.  There is small risk that the squint will be slightly more obvious.  However, surgery will make the eyes look more jewel like.  It is important that this surgery be done from the front of the eyelid.  Posterior ptosis surgery will be ineffective for you and damage the ability to subsequently properly fix the upper eyelid.  

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