Not getting perfect eyesight after 20 days of LASIK surgery.

Hi,my right is having eyesight if 1.25 and left eye is having 1.75 which is very less when compared to many of the people as I know, but the problem is I had LASIK surgery for both of my eyes 20 days ago, but I am not able to see perfectly that I can see when I am wearing my spectacles. I thought like I have a very less eye sight.So I expected that my eye sight is corrected after 20 days of my surgery, but it didn't :( so I need to go for re surgery?or how many days it will take still to adjust?

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Not great vision after LASIK

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for your low degree of myopia you should be 20/20 by nowsee your surgeon and ask why notyou probably were undercorrected or have a flap complication

New York Ophthalmologist

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