What can I do about my facial asymmetry? It's very extreme :( (Photo)

My whole right side of Skull is at least 10-15% larger than left side of skull.due to this(as you can see in the picture) my nose is deviated little bit ,my mouth line is inclined ,my right eye and my hair lines sit higher than on left side.as a whole ,my face is assymetrical to such an extent that people clearly point it out from couple feet away....dont know what to do,please help me out :(

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Facial asymmetry

Your best choice is to go to a University hospital and find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with crania-facial experience. You could also find a Board Certified Oral Maxillo-Facial surgeon as it appears you have an issue with your jaws.
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Facial asymmetry

I would recommend that you seek an evaluation from a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in craniofacial surgery.  Might consider getting an evaluation at your nearest university hospital system 

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What can I do about my facial asymmetry?

Thank you for your question.

If you are not happy with the look of your face, you feel that you are getting older, your skin started to lose its elasticity and if you think that this situation is going to get even worse if you do not take any precaution; then you can be a good candidate for “Spider Web Aesthetics”. Most people are afraid of surgical interventions since the complication risk and the results can frighten the patients. Therefore patients are seeking for non-surgical solutions more and more. Spider Web Aesthetics is a non-surgical lifting method developed by plastic surgeon Bülent Cihantimur MD. If you are afraid of having a surgical intervention and you are not happy with the sagging of your skin especially in face, inner arms, buttocks and neck; you should consider undergoing this minimal invasive, safe and effective method.

Preparation :

Spider Web Aesthetics is performed with topical anesthesia meaning that there is no need for a general anesthesia or sedation. A topical anesthetic cream will be applied in order to benumb the area. After the topical anesthesia the area will be sterilized and the Spider Web Aesthetics will be applied.

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