Uneven nostrils. 5 months after my operation, I can smell a bad odor inside my nose (Photo)

Hi doctors. Its been 6 months since i did my rhinoplasty surgery. Ever since my surgeon removed my nose "cast",i noticed that my nostrils are uneven, i knew that was too soon to judge in 1st few month's after my surgery, so I didn't bothered about it. But now after 2-5 months im getting bit worry about my nose appearance as it looks uneven,my left nose bit higher than my right, and my nose holes 1 is wider than the other. I know it is too soon to judge now,but i cant control my self. Thank you.

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Alar notching after rhinoplasty

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I would express this concern with your rhinoplasty surgeon. It does appear that your right nostril is notching considerably more than the left. 

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