Rotated Upper Molar (both row of teeth)

During my young age, I was always biting on left side of my teeth. This causes both sides of my upper molar to be rotated around 45deg clockwise. And my lower jaw accustomed with the upper jaw (rotated up-leftward), thus is causing my face look asymmetrical. So my question is, can this be fixed without doing surgery? Or can it be done with invisalign or some other method? Currently is doing braces.

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Asymmetric growth


It may be possible to help reduce the look of the asymmetry depending on how much there is. There are some cases that are impossible to correct without surgery and there are some cases that can be somewhat corrected. This also depends on your age now. For young children and people in their early teens, it is more likely for the correction to be made without surgery because they are still in their growth process. I would recommend for you to come in and have us do a complimentary exam to see if it is possible or not. in any case though, whether you need surgery or not to correct the asymmetry, you would still need orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. 

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