Can my misaligned teeth be fixed by wearing a retainer 24/7? (photo)

I got my braces off 4 months ago and I rarely wear my retainers and as you can see both my upper and lower teeth are starting to move. Should I go and meet my orthodontist or should i just wear my retainers all the time.

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Attempt to Realign Teeth

Hi Random_person,

It appears that you've had a little bit of relapse due to non-compliance with your retainers...having said that, you can try to re-start wearing the retainers on a full-time basis to see if your teeth will move back into position.  However, if after 4-6 weeks of full-time wear the teeth remain slightly misaligned, you should then go back to your orthodontist to discuss potential options for further treatment.

Hope this information helps!

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