Bad hyperpigmentation after resurfacing laser since February 2016. The square patches still can be seen on my face? (Photo)

Asian with fair skin colour and have done resurfacing laser for acne scar and big pores last February by qualified dermatologist. Since then I am having hyper pigmentation with slow recovery. I still can see squares on my face and desperately looking for treatment to get rid of it. I was put on Triluma, hydocorticortisone cream, Crystal tomato oral (since July) and undergoing laser treatment every month

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Laser Resurfacing

Thank you for your question. Have you consulted more than one board certified facial plastic surgeon in-person? The in-person examination allows for a deep review of medical history and current medical profile. Using additional creams and treatments will allow you and the surgeon to determine which post-procedural care is most effective for your unique skin.

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