Kryptonite Bone Cement for Temple Area? Can It Be Used for Jaw/zygoma?

I have a facial contour defect due to a childhood fall, involving my right jaw, zygoma & forehead (mostly temple).The brow and eye seem depressed.My jaws don’t meet properly(on X-ray:rt condylar hypoplasia)but the occlusion of teeth is mostly fine.I had corrective surgery for the jaw near the chin,bone grafts used in the zygoma (resorbed unevenly, could not be shaped well). Synthes ChronOs granules were minimally used on the forehead.Would you recommend Kryptonite bone cement?

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I personally prefer hand carved ePFTE implants.

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I would not recommend bone cement for correcting this.  I prefer an ePFTE implant place on the deep temporalis facia.  In looking for a surgeon close to home, please look for a board certified general plastic surgeon who is fellowship trained in craniofacial surgery.  They will be properly trained to analyze your face and discuss the various options and likelihood of success and failure.

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