Is Kryptonite Bone Cement Permanent?

Hi, I'm looking into getting something done to correct a skull defect and came across "Kryptonite Bone Cement". Everthing seems great about this product but am unable to find out whether or not it's a permanent solution or would I have to get injections every so often? Thanks

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This is why we do not let the public practice medicine.

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There is a certain danger in reading on the internet.  It can be difficult to put things into perspective.  This material is relatively permanent and requires a surgical approach for placement.  There are other approaches as well depending on the nature of your issue.  Bottom line, there is no substitute for an actual consultation.  While it is possible that a facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon might do a fine job with this, I would recommend seeing a board certified general plastic surgeon who is fellowship trained in craniofacial surgery.  If your "skull defect" is the result of a neurosurgical procedure, you might also consider discussing the issue with your original neurosurgeon.

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Kryptonite Bone Cement

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Hi WorldPeace,

This product appears to be permanent.  It should not be used in Superman, Clark Kent, or any of his relatives.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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