Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump? (photo)

Hello i heard that if your bump is small you can remove it without breaking the nose so look at my bump is it possible to fix it without breaking the nose? Hello Is it possible to make my bump smaller not to remove completely just to rasp a little. if yes how does it look like can others notice that you have a bump on nose? Thank you

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Bump on nose

Without a profile view, it is difficult to determine what needs to be done for you to accomplish your goals. It is not always necessary to fracture the nose if a small amount of hump is removed. The reasons for breaking the nose is that it may appear to be wider as he top has been rasped off of the nasal pyramid. In addition if enough bone is removed the two nasal bones and septal bone may leave an open roof which is visible beneath the skin. Finally, the nasal hump also consists of cartilage and this needs to be shaved as well. Although I occasionally don't perform in fractures, about ninety eight per cent of the time I do for the reasons stated above

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Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump? (photo)

You have not given us a true lateral view of your nose which is the only way to distinguish the height of your bump from the rest of the dorsal profile.  That said, small bumps on noses that have dorsal aesthetic lines that are of normal width (not narrow) can be rasp reduced.  However, if the bump is high or the aesthetic lines are narrow, rasping will likely create an undesirable increase in width in the area of the bump.  Osteotomies are the best bet in that situation.

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Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump? (photo)

Hi Belloni, thanks for your question.

I had a patient ask me the same question last week. Once you remove the bump your nose will look wider, to correct this the bone is broken in a very controlled and precise fashion by a procedure called osteotomy. This weakens the bone enough so that a gently push is all what is required to narrow the nose.

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Nasal Hump and Breaking the Nose

Hi Belonni,

Of course, the definitive answer to this question rests with a formal, in-person consultation.  Also it would be helpful to have a lateral view (profile view) of the nose. 

Generally speaking, a nasal hump is reduced via rasping.  Hump reduction may lead to the nose looking wide (known medically as an "open roof").  This would necessitate osteotomies ("breaking the nose") to narrow the nose and re-establish nasal harmony. 

As an analogy, please think of a pyramid.  Imagine the top or apex of the pyramid has been removed.  From above, the pyramid would then look wide (i.e. "open roof").  It would be necessary to reposition the walls of the pyramid (i.e. osteotomies).

I hope this makes sense.


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Why worry about having the bones broken during a rhinoplasty?

"Are you going to break the bones?" is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear when discussing rhinoplasty with a patient. You should not care if the doctor breaks the bones or not, you will be asleep and not feel anything. The recovery after surgery will be 1 week regardless! If the doctor thinks the bones need to be broken (which they DO in your case), don't sweat it! The pain is no worse after osteotomies. There may be a little more bruising, but the same recovery either way.

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Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump?

        If you want the bump to be removed completely, you will need osteotomies to close the open roof.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Hump Reduction vs Hump Removal in Rhinoplasty

Your pictures are inadequate to judge and feeling it through a physical examination is the best way to know for sure. But simplistically if you only want a smaller hump then it can be rasped. But if you want the hump completely gone then osteotomies will probably be needed.

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Removing Nasal Bump During Rhinoplasty

A very small bump can be removed without repositioning the nasal bones.  Looking at the pictures you submitted (a profile view would help) you will probably need osteotomies.  Breaking the bones will also be necessary to to reduce increased width of the bridge where the nasal bones come together .  


Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Nasal hump treatment

From your photos, rasping via a closed approach would be sufficient to correct this dorsal hump deformity without resorting to osteotomies or in-fracturing of the nasal bones since your nasal width is appropriate.  See a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. 

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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Do You Need to Break the Nose for This Bump?

Best to obtain IN PERSON examinations. But my guess is yes you will need nasal bone fractures in your rhinoplasty. 

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