Could having an unrelated surgery/trauma slow down the results from Coolsculpting?

I had Zeltiq 7 weeks ago on my upper arms, however I injured my knee and had to have surgery 2.5weeks ago. It is painful- I am unable to wear tight fitting garments as it touches my skin. Could the trauma from knee surgery could slow down the results? Does the extra pain mean that it is still working to remove more fat? (I lost a weight since the procedure- so I believe the small circumference reduction could be from weight loss rather than the procedure)

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Coolsculpting of the arms

The trauma from the knee surgery should not interfere with your arm procedure. Coolsculpting has not received FDA approval for the arms, and the company has indicated that results vary considerably for this area. Consult with your treating physician if you have questions regarding the results.

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Results from Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a great procedure and the results typically take up to four months to evaluate.  The trauma from the knee surgery should not interfere with your arm procedure.  Weight loss in general and exercise with speed up your results.

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Cool Sculpting

Each time another stressor is placed on the system it takes time to recover.  Once you have had more time to recover from your knee surgery you can re-evaluate your other results.  The Cool Sculpting results should be visible at this point but may not be complete.

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