Explant saline while 13 weeks pregnant?

Can I have an explant of sailine implants that I have done 8 years ago as TUBA, on top of the muscle, while I am now 13 weeks pregnant. It is my 4th child, and my breasts are getting so big, it is uncomoftable and I am scared of streching the skiny even more. Started at D cup, after 8 years I was E cup, now I am on the way to G, because of pregnancy. My breasts are heavy, my back hurts. And they will keep growing, probably add much more size while breastfeeding.

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Implant removal during pregnancy

This is an effort that will need to be discussed and approved by your OB/Gyn before proceeding.  You can look into two options.  The first is having your saline implants drained and later have them removed after you are done breastfeeding.  The second option is to have them removed under local anesthesia.  Discuss your options with your plastic surgeon and your OB/Gyn to determine which would be best for you.

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Explantation of saline implants while pregnant??

I would think that percutaneous deflation of your implants would be a far simpler and safer solution requiring no anesthesia.  In the future you can have the shells of the implant removed at your convenience.  Best wishes

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Removing saline-filled breast implants during pregnancy

I agree with Dr. Sudarsky. Saline-filled breast implants can be removed (simple removal) with local anesthesia only through a limited incision in the infra-mammary crease. This should have no systemic effects or relate to pregnancy. 

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Breast implant removal while pregnant

saline breast implants can be removed under local anesthesia in the office. Check with your obstetrician to find out if it is safe for you to have local anesthesia while pregnant prior to having anything done.

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