Can I use Retin-a for under eye puffiness and increase under eye collagen?? (photo)

Can I use retin-a for under eye puffiness and increase under eye collagen?? presently I used sebame Q10 lifting under eye cream and Starts under eye cream.My doctor advice me PRP treatment.please advice me what I do??

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Retin-A Under Eyes Answer


Thank you for your question! My Aesthetics + Skin Care Nurse, Annie Bruno loves for all of her patients to use Retin-A, or retinols as they are "powerhouse" age management products. That being said, she does not teach her patients to apply the product directly under the eye as it can be overstimulating, sensitizing, and drying. An eye cream, or heavy moisturizer would be better suited for that area as eyes always appear to look better when they are hydrated.

I would advise being seen by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon's office to be fully assessed and to have recommendations customized to your specific goals and concerns.

I hope this is helpful to you!

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